When Dutch TV company Blue Circle contacted us about visiting our shop for an upcoming series called “Better Late than Never” we were intrigued.

The format was four famous Dutch gentlemen being taken around the world and encouraged to have experiences they would never normally have.

Our four stars had no idea what was in store for them each day and the first they knew about BeBe was us knocking on their hotel rooms and Lisa and Sarah asking to measure them up. With all their charm and guile they managed to persuade each star to get measured up without giving the game away as to what would be happening the next day.

The next day their guide (famous clothes designer) Olcay Gulsen told the men it was time to smarten up and walked them into our Hoang Dieu Street branch.

Barry, Peter, Gerard and Willibroad were welcomed with open arms by our team led by Nu, Ly, Tina and Trang.

Age really is no barrier to fun as our staff found with our Dutch stars keeping our staff on their toes with singing and dancing in the fitting rooms.

We loved the Dutch gang and really hope they can make their way over here again soon.