Australian TV’s Channel 7 came to visit BeBe as part of their Luxury Escapes series.

The host Shane Jolley and the team were a pleasure to tailor clothes for and a lot of fun was had in the filming of the show.

There was a hiccup along the way with a flight delay so we ended up with a record 7 tailors working on Shane’s suit to get it made in time for the shoot schedule.

Fantastic work by our very own Hanh Mama and the team for getting Shane kitted within hours.

With no time for rehearsals we all had our hearts in our mouths as Shane came out of the changing room wondering if we had bitten off too much with regards to time.

Walking out in a perfect fitting suit when there was no time yet for adjustments was a huge win for the tailoring team who celebrated with a few beers that night.

All the gang at BeBe has very fond memories of that day and have kept in touch.