Why Us

We can confidently say that we are the sole tailors in Hoi An that offers a truly personal bespoke tailoring experience. So, what sets us apart from the rest? The short answer…everything. But allow us to clarify.

At BeBe, we have made it a top priority to put extra effort into three major areas of our service – on the quality of the customer experience, on building trust and credibility, and on being a responsible member of the community. From the moment you walk in, you will be assigned a member of staff to work one-on-one with during the whole process to make your idea’s a reality. Many of our tailors have grown up with the tradition of tailoring passed down through generations. Our quality control division itself has 15 members overseeing production, and if that’s not reassurance enough, we also guarantee each garment.

‘Fit’ for us, is not a problem, but we don’t just care about the outcome – we try to make your experience during the whole process as comfortable as possible as well. From having air-conditioned and spacious fitting rooms, to allowing as many fittings as requested, and providing free delivery to customers, we take that extra step to let you know that we care.

When it comes to trust and credibility, not only do we maintain an active internet presence, but we have also gone the extra mile to ensure transparency between customer and business by building an on-site factory at our flagship location – BeBe 1 on 5-9 Hoang Dieu street, showcasing our wonderful team at work. If you want a tour, you need only ask and we will make it happen!
BeBe are also active members of the community, sponsoring various charities around the city such as The Kianh Foundation and Sapa Kids.
With a management governed by “East meets West” principles, coupled with great ethical practices and an identity rooted in family, it comes as no surprise as to why BeBe stands out from the rest. However, we will let you decide.