How It Works

Here at BeBe we treat you like family the moment you step in – with warm smiles and welcomes. We want to make you as comfortable as possible as we get to know you over a couple of days throughout the tailoring process. So, what can you expect?

1. Pick a design

You will be assigned a team member to work one-on-one with and with them you will first decide on what it is you want made. For ideas, you can either flip through one of our many catalogues, browse the internet or simply turn to our team for their expert guidance.

2. Discuss details

Next come the details. For example, if you want a suit made, you’ll have the choice of what kind of collar you would like on your shirt. What about the cuffs? Do you want them French? Cut corners? Etc… All these little details will be discussed with you because we will not settle for a less than perfect fit.

3. Choose a fabric

Once you’re happy with the design, you then pick the fabric. At Bebe, we house the largest selection of fabrics in Hoi An for you to see, touch and really get a feel for what you want.

4. Getting measured

After picking your fabric of choice, you will be measured. We will take approximately 20 different measurements, depending on what it is you’re getting made, and we make sure to focus on even the tiniest details.

5. First fitting, second fitting, third?

What’s next? You wait. But not for long, as the first fitting will be on the very next day. If you have a busy schedule, we can definitely arrange for a better time. Your garment is made purposely loose for the first fitting as it is here where our skilled tailors really get to work – their keen eyes scan every inch of the outfit, marking down where alterations should be made so it fits your body perfectly. Then, within a few hours, your piece will be available again for a second fitting, and in this step, minor touch ups will be made. You can come in for as many fittings and request as many changes as you like because ultimately, it’s your satisfaction that we care about.

6. Pick up/delivery

Once you are a 100% satisfied, all that is left is to take home your new custom-made piece, or we can have it delivered to your hotel.